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Free Keno Download!

This is the place to get your free keno download. We don't have just one option, however, because searched the Internet to find the best games out there and we've organized them here. Some of these games are shareware, while others are freeware. Some may have adware on some of the freeware ones, whereas some may offer the option to play for real money as well. This is why some are free. However, all of the freeware games have full functionality. The retail software may have limits, however, so you'll have to decide for yourself whether they are worth it.

Keep in mind that none of this software is made or maintained by anyone at this site, and thus, I am not responsible for it in any way. None of these links make us any money and are not tracked. Of all of the free keno downloads, I would recommend giving one of the free ones a try that offer a real money option, and if you don't want to play for real money ever, then simply do not!

Keno Downloads:

Name: Animated Keno 2.0
Maker: piggyback.com
Shareware: price unknown
This game is somewhat like video keno games that you'll find in a typical casino. You simply select from one to ten numbers out of the 80 and bet one to ten credits on each game. This is a very basic game.
Download: animated_keno_setup.exe

Name: Power Lotto Wheeler 6.0
Maker: Diego Ng
Shareware: price $39.00USD - limited functionality
This Power Lotto Wheeler game supports various keno game types, including everything from pick 3 to pick 10. It also has save and load capability. The unregistered version has some limitations over the registered version, enabling you to use only 36 of the over 300 wheel tables.
Download: power_lotto_wheeler60.zip

Name: PC Keno 2.06
Maker: S.B. Novakovic
Freeware: no cost
This one has four levels, two styles of play, and infinite keno action. Has sound effects, name save, random number chooser, a stats window, and difficulty settings.
Download: pckeno.zip

Name: LotKeno 2.0
Maker: HugeSoft S.L.
Freeware: no cost
This game allows you to calculate possibilities of winning with any of the premiums offered by the game's lotto or keno. It supports two bonus balls, and can be a great tool for lotto or keno fans.
Download: lotkeno.exe

Name: 4ck 4-Card Keno 2.0
Maker: Cyrens Solutions
Shareware: Demo version expires after ten days - Cost $15.95
In this keno game, you can pick one to ten numbers on four different (video) cards. You can keep track of bets and wins for each card. The game has smooth graphics, is fast, and you can save your game.
Download: 4ck20.zip

Name: Ecokeno 3.23
Maker: Cellard
Shareware: Cost $20 - limited functionality
Wheeling systems for the following varieties of Keno are supported: 4/70, 5/70, 6/70, 7/70, 8/70, 9/70, 10/70, and BANCOJASS. It also allows you to print grids and has a French language option.
Download: ecokeno.exe

Name: Power Keno 1.0
Maker: Crescent Vision Interactive
Shareware: Cost $15 - limited functionality
This game is like the classic Powerball video Keno games that you can find in many casinos, but with a more modern feel. The shareware version disables the save game ability, but it still has game stats.
Download: powerkeno.zip

There you have it, a fine list of keno downloads. If you'd rather play keno in your browser without having to download anything, check out our Free Keno Game section.

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