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Super Keno!

There are two types of keno that one may be referring to when they mention super keno, and they are very different games. The first is a video keno variation that is found on some machines supporting multiple games. The second is a keno type game found in casinos in the Dominican Republic and many people have complained that it is a scam. We'll talk about the video keno variation first. Rules of Super Keno The rules of super keno are the same as they are for a regular keno game, with a slight variation. If the first number drawn is one of the player's numbers, then any win is multiplied by four. Obviously, this offers a big advantage, and it is common to see super keno games that pay a return of around 93% - much greater than your typical keno game. The return for five cent games seems to be about 2.5% less than your typical 25 cent game, however. Super Keno Strategy It seems that the pick 6 super keno games have a slightly higher return, at very close to 93%. In the long run, however, play whatever game you enjoy the most!

What is this other Super Keno?

There is another much more sinister game out there that is also called "Super Keno". The game involves 305 balls about the size of a ping pong ball that have on them numbers ranging from 11 to 149. There is also a transparent box similar to ones used for lotto draws used in the draw.

Basically, with each of your bets you are "buying" a ball. Every ball has a black stripe on it with a white number, and you will find a chart somewhere on the table that contains every number and what that number's role in the game is. Balls with the number 141, for example, cause the jack pot, as well as your next bet, to double. The game's goal is to get 100 points so that you can win the jackpot. You accumulate points by drawing certain balls. If you draw a 36, 117, 125 or 126, you can also win the jackpot, but there are only one of each of these balls. Throughout the course of the game you may also win smaller amounts of money ranging from $5 to $25.

The first thing you have to do when you join the game is to place a bet, usually something between $5 and $10. The jackpot will be set to 40 times your bet. After placing your bet, you draw a ball from the container using a stick with a basket. The dealer takes the ball quickly, announces the number and what that number entails, does whatever the ball represents, and places the ball back in. This all happens so fast that it is often quite hard to see what is really going on, and it is often necessary to rely on the dealer for all of your information. You can't even see the number on the ball to verify that it is what the dealer says it is.

The game proceeds at a very quick pace, with the jackpot as well as the minimum bet growing rapidly. Players find themselves seemingly within range of the jackpot very fast. You will likely even get into the 90s. If you happen to run out of cash, you will be given the option of using your credit card, and being so close to the jackpot, you will no doubt want to see the result. Apparently, once your credit card number is given the game enters an "automatic mode" where the dealer controls the betting.

The Truth About Super Keno

It seems that the game has been rigged from the beginning. The whole thing seems a bit shady, in fact. Many people report that they are approached by young attractive women, and invited to play a new game. Apparently people have even been offered free chips to play.

The truth of the matter is that you can never really know what balls are even in the container, how many balls of each number there are, or if the number that the dealer calls is actually the number on the ball. This is because you are simply not shown what is on the ball. Should you trust the dealer? Well, the sad truth is that casinos in the Dominican Republic are not actually supervised by anybody to ensure that they are honest, as they are in the US.

It is no surprise then that many people should report getting within very close range of 100 points, but never actually reaching 100, even though they got into the 90s so quickly. According to one researcher into the game, people in the Dominican Republic are well aware that it is a scam and will acknowledge this.

It is also said that if you run out of money and max out your credit card, you will be detained by security until you make the necessary calls to get funds.

In short, if you do visit the Dominican Republic, or anywhere else with unsupervised casinos, you'll definitely want to stay clear of shady games like Super Keno, where you have no way of verifying the legitimacy of the game.

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